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The quickest way to start making money is with affiliate programs. Affiliate programs were largely started by Amazon.com" who realized that by having partner sites, in addition to their conventional advertisers, they could increase their number of sales. All they needed to do was pay commissions to individuals who referred buyers to them.

Since then, affiliate marketing has become big business and for many people. It's been an extremely profitable way to earn a living working via the Internet. This type of marketing can provide excellent returns when the affiliate marketer covers their own advertising costs.

Today, with thousands of affiliate programs out there to join, anyone who wants to get involved, can choose among various different products and niche products from which to affiliate. Unfortunately not all of them are created equal and if you're not careful, you could end up marketing to a market that is virtually non-existent.

How To Find A Hot Product

With your first foray into affiliate marketing, make sure that there's a market for your product. To find out if there is a market, use the Wordtracker Tool to see how many people per month search for a particular keyword. Go ahead and try it a free trial here

Just this simple step will show you whether a program is worth pursuing or not. Another great program to do this is the free program, Good Keywords. Good Keywords let's you search the search engines simultaneously!

The Secrets of Selecting Highly Profitable Affiliate Programs

Once you've picked a market and found a product, make sure they have a good payout. This means that after your advertising dollar is spent, make sure that it's worth advertising that product. If an advertiser is paying you 50% of the purchase price but the purchase price is and $10.00 (this is just an example) that means you only make $5.00 on every sale.

Now, some of you might think that's okay BUT consider that if you're paying $0.10 per click on a PPC search engine, after 50 clicks your profit is no more. Are you sure that you can make a sale in 50 clicks? See my point? There's got to be enough of a profit to make it worth your while.

One More Thing: You should also know that it's not necessarily easier to sell a cheaper product than an expensive one In fact, many people prefer selling bigger ticket items because at the end of the day, after doing the same amount of work, you make more money for the bigger ticket items. I sell a great product right now that makes me $1295 in commissions per sale! Now even though all sales are good, you can see why I love selling this particular product! That being said, be careful to check out the commission structure of any affiliate program you join.

Don't Stretch Yourself Too Thin

When you're new to the internet, it's generally a good idea to begin with a few select affiliate programs. The problem with joining too many affiliate programs is that it becomes impossible to market any product effectively. Concentrate on a select few at the beginning and when you're comfortable with your marketing skills and you're making money, then expand. I remember signing up for over 30 programs when I started. What ends up happening is as a newbie, your focus is scattered between too many programs. In the end, your business suffers and as a result, so does your wallet.

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