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School Teachers, Construction Workers, Laborers, Single Moms, and Working Class People From All Areas of the Work Place Want To Achieve Financial Freedom

Many of Them Have

In this powerful but practical course, Richard Hackworth, author, teacher, and entrepreneur, takes you step by step through the financial choices in life and shows you how to make them successful choices based on the money secrets that he has learned on the path to becoming a self made millionaire. No matter what your financial goals are, this course will help you reach or even exceed them.

If you are tired of working for the finance companies and want to get your piece of the financial pie, you'll find the keys to accumulating great wealth and success within the pages Richard Hackworth's best selling program, The Minimum Wage To Millionaire Course.

Dear Friend,

If you have suffered counterproductive money choices and want to learn how to turn your life around to someday retire in comfort. Or if you want to improve your relationship with your family by being a better bread winner, then beginning this course will be the best decision you have ever made.

Whether you want to improve your relationships or maximize your personal performance, The Minimum Wage To Millionaire Course can help you maximize your return on investments by investing in yourself. Open any page and you will find examples directly from Richard Hackworth's personal life experiences. Richard Hackworth gives you the tools to reach your goals and dreams.

Congratulations! The fact that you are reading this website tells me that you have made a decision to take control of your financial future! What you are looking for is the right system to use. Am I right? Well let me clear all your doubts about The Minimum Wage To Millionaire Course: The Working Class Guide To Financial Freedom system. The beauty of it is that there is absolutely NO risk involved.

To Your Health, Wealth, and Success,

Richard Hackworth

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Why is the course SO cheap if it works SO well? Richard Hackworth's goal in developing this course was to help people. It would be impossible to help the people who need this course the most if Richard Hackworth made purchasing the course a financial challenge.

Other authors and experts who helped proof read this course recommended that Richard Hackworth charge at least $200 for it or as much as $799 like some of those late night infomercial courses with CDs.

There is a school of thought that a product is only as valuable as what you charge for it. Richard Hackworth personally believes that the value of a product is based on what benefits people received from it compared to the price. At the Richard Hackworth Organization we have hundreds of testimonials from people whose lives have been dramatically improved by the information in this course. You have Richard Hackworth's personal promise that each and every product at is an exceptional value and reasonably priced. We personally guarantee it.

About this course

Unlike complicated investment programs, with stocks and other confusing income generating possibilities, this system teaches you guaranteed ways to build wealth without risk. Don't be afraid to implement any of the financial tactics in this course. After you have tried the first few tactics it will become fun. You will literally watch your wealth grow from nothing to a pile of assets that assure your financial freedom.

Why does this course work so well?

The secret to this course working so well is that it is detailed information. You don't have to read through endless pages of fluff and filler. We give you the details of what works written in everyday English just like this website. When developing this system Richard Hackworth required 2 things of every tactic that was put into the course. First, The tactic had to work every time. Second, The tactic had to work for every kind of person who might use this course. Details are important.

In this course Richard Hackworth will personally teach you the 12 money secrets of people who have accumulated great wealth and became financially independent. Richard Hackworth is one of those people. Please read and implement Richard Hackworth's money secrets carefully and completely. You have a responsibility to yourself and your family to make the best future possible for all of you. Being financially independent will make your life better, happier, and healthier.

Why Should You Take Financial Advice From A Guy Who Was A College Drop Out With A Low Paying Job???

The answer is simple. SUCCESS!!! Richard Hackworth was worth $11 million dollars when he wrote this book and worth substantially more by the time that you read it!

Using the techniques and tactics that Richard Hackworth has put down into words for this course Richard Hackworth "accumulated" 11 million dollars in assets while working a job that paid just over minimum wage. That is why this system is called The Minimum Wage To Millionaire Course: The Working Class Guide To Financial Freedom.

Making It Rich Vs. Accumulating Wealth. What's the difference?

Making It Rich in business requires special skills, education, opportunities, and the cooperation of others. Richard Hackworth had none of those things and neither do most people in the world. The people who come from working class America, who labor hard in exchange for a paycheck, now have a way to become wealthy, thanks to this course. We all have the chance to accumulate great wealth through secret money management tactics that are 100% risk free.

Why do we call the secrets in this book "TACTICS"?

Every day of your life there is an economic battle over your money. The creditors, the businesses you deal with, and even the government is trying to take YOUR money. With these "TACTICS" you can WIN this battle while so many others are losing more and more each day. Bankruptcies, Divorces, Repossessions, Foreclosures, and Job Layoffs leave honest hard working people penniless and destitute. Don't let it be you!

You will notice that this information is very direct. Richard Hackworth did not want to make you read through hours of information about economics and theory. Richard Hackworth wants you to be able to read a short chapter and then use the info that same day to start saving money and building incredible wealth.

About the Author

America's leading authority on health, wealth, and success, respected entrepreneur, personal life coach to thousands of clients. Richard Hackworth is living proof that now matter how bad your life gets, you can achieve your dreams with the right course of action.

Formerly homeless and flat broke. Richard Hackworth now lives a better life thanks to the 12 money secrets you can learn in this course.

Chairman and Founder of a multi-million dollar corporation Author of more than 100 books on the topics of health, wealth, and success International Radio and TV Celebrity

Would You Like to Know why you Need to learn
How to Become a Millionaire?

Yes, you too NEED to learn how to become a millionaire - QUICKLY!

And - no - it's not so that you can finally:

  • Afford that fancy exotic sports car
  • Splash out on a flashy yacht
  • Live in a big sprawling mansion
  • Count your dollars whilst sitting on a pristine beach in an exotic location

Yes, it would be very nice to be able to afford to do all of that, but that's not why you NEED to become a millionaire.

You need to learn how to become a millionaire so that you can financially cope with whatever life throws at you.

For instance, think of one of the following scenarios:

  • You get seriously ill, injured, or perhaps permanently disabled and are no longer able to work?
  • The company you work for goes out of business?
  • Or perhaps they're just re-organizing and your job gets outsourced to some foreign country, times are not that good in your industry and you can't find another job?
  • Perhaps you have to support both your elderly parents and school going kids?
  • Or maybe you are self employed, owe your suppliers tons of money (which you simply don't have) and you're headed for bankruptcy?
  • Or people close to you are in dire need of financial assistance and you'd like to help them but simply don't have the means?

And you can probably think of some more similarly catastrophic scenarios.

But do you realize that even if nothing catastrophic happens, there's another excellent - totally unavoidable (if you plan to live long, that is) - reason as to why you need to learn to become a millionaire quickly?


Do you know that over 90% of people will not be financially able to retire?

Ask yourself: are YOU totally, absolutely, positively certain that you will be able to retire? Yes?     Really?

Do you know that even if you put money in your pension fund your whole life, you may - and, more often than not, WILL - wake up to the nasty surprise that you can't live off your meager savings at the age of 65?

Don't you want to make sure that you can actually afford to retire (and enjoy your retirement)?


Well then, don't you think it would be nice if you learned to how to become a millionaire - pronto?

You want to die before your money runs out, and not the other way round, right?

Not a pretty picture, is it?

Perhaps you'd like to know what you can do about it?

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That is over $1650 worth of bonuses!

You will learn how you can make money out of "nothing". Using the 12 money secrets in this course. You don't need a better paying job. You just need to know the secrets to accumulating wealth. Get those secrets and start living the life you have dreamed about!

Hey, that's what this whole Minimum Wage To Millionaire Course is all about?

"We Can't Promise You That This Course Will Make You RICH, But We'll GUARANTEE That It Will Show You Step-By-Step How To Avoid Staying Poor!!!"

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