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"Injured In The Forest No Medical Help For Miles"

It seemed like the perfect day! It's early summer and not a single cloud in the sky. You climb over a log that has fallen across the trail and wait for your 10 year old son to catch up.

A quick, upward glance at the sunlight filtering through the canopy of trees signals that it's about time to head back to camp. The crisp, pungent smell of the forest floor reminds you how much you needed this family vacation.

You can almost smell the trout that you and Billy caught early this morning frying in the pan over the open fire. Just as your stomach begins to rumble in anticipation, you hear a scream.

Your head snaps around and you can see Billy just a few yards down the trail, his arms flapping wildly around his head. Back over the log you jump, and running to reach him in just seconds.

Billy has upset one very angry wasp. Whipping off your cap, you swat it away and while it's stunned lying on the ground you send the nasty critter off to meet his insect brothers in the great beyond.

Quick examination shows that Billy has been stung repeatedly by the wasp and is in some serious pain. For some people insect stings can be deadly so you need to help him fast. No medicine cabinet and no drugstore for miles. Your emergency medical kit is back at camp.

Eyes darting around the ground near the trail, you spot just what you need. Grabbing a handful of leaves from what looks like a weed, you toss a few in your mouth and chew them quickly. You apply the poultice to the red welts appearing on Billy's arms and face.

Almost as quickly as his screams began, Billy stops crying. Wiping away his tears with the back of his hand, he manages a crooked grin and a sheepish, "thanks Dad. I'm OK now."

Disaster Averted.

Ancient Art of Herbal Medicine Book Cover

As you and Billy begin the hike back to camp, you remember that book you purchased online about the Ancient Art of Herbal Medicine and acknowledge it was money well spent!

If you enjoy the outdoors and all the fun and memories that go along with spending time with Mother Nature, chances are you may have had a similar situation once or twice.

There are thousands of plants that can treat just as many ailments. In this particular case, Billy won't even require any medical attention and by the time the family vacation comes to an end, so will the memory of this incident.

What is so amazing about herbal remedies is their close association to our modern medicines. Most of our current "wonder drugs" have a botanical connection.

Sadly, many of those medicines contain much more than simple botanicals. Stuffed with chemicals, allergens and who knows what else, we are fast becoming a medicated society.

We've got pills to make us sleep, pills to wake us up, pills to make us eat and pills to curb the appetite. It's absolutely crazy. Whatever ails you there's a pill to take care of it. Well, not really. Pills only treat the symptoms. But God and nature has provided us with cures. Every responsible person should learn how to use those cures.

The good news is that you can learn to wean yourself from your medicine cabinet. For every ailment that you are currently taking pills to correct, there's a natural remedy that can take it's place.

Do you know what Dad used to stop the pain for Billy? Are you aware it's a simple plant that you probably know very well? In fact, you probably dig them out of the cracks in your driveway every couple of weeks during the growing season. It's called "Plantain."

If you are sick and tired of being over-medicated, you can take control and start a journey toward natural herbal remedies. After all, natural remedies served the human race very well before we became so smart!

With The Ancient Art of Herbal Medicine Course you can learn:

  • How to recognize the plant that Dad gave Billy.
  • Popular herbs and their uses.
  • How to treat a sore throat.
  • How to prepare a blood purifier.
  • What to take for arthritis.
  • How to stop flatulence.
  • A gentle remedy for diarrhea.
  • What to use in place of ephedrine.
  • How to make your own toothpaste.
  • A way to remove bruises in 24 hours.
  • Another quick treatment for insect bites.
  • How to stop hot flashes.
  • An effective treatment for psoriasis.
  • A natural remedy for sinusitis.

All this and much more is at your fingertips. The Ancient Art of Herbal Medicine Course teaches you Remedies For Common Illnesses & Injuries and is written just for you, the person who is sick and tired of being over-medicated. The person who wants to take advantage of God's cures that he gave us in nature.

Order your copy of "The Ancient Art of Herbal Medicine" now and discover how to take control of your life and rid yourself of chemical concoctions that may or may not be harming your body.

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