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There is no doubt that achieving success in business and allowing your family to live a comfortable life is extremely important. What is most often overlooked is achieving Optimum Health. What the heck good is a healthy Bank Account or Net Worth, if you are plagued with Chronic Illnesses and are too sick to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The articles presented here may help guide you toward achieving Optimum Health, for yourself and your children. With Optimum Health, you can live to a Ripe Old Age and really participate with your family, instead of being a physical and financial burden.

Secrets of Successful Weight Normalization

Contrary to what the great majority of people are led to believe, obtaining and maintaining healthy weight is really quite simple. It does not involve:

  • Going on the latest "fad" Miracle Weight Loss Diet
  • Taking some newly discovered Weight Loss Drug
  • Blaming your overweight condition on "Genes"

Weight Loss Secrets
Copyright © 2007 by Claire Poulton

Are You A Victim Of Candida Yeast Infection?

You may be suffering from a condition that is probably affecting 85% of the American population: And they never know they have this condition.

Candida Yeast Report
Copyright © 2007 Claire Poulton

Poison Food Additives

Are you aware of all the hidden additives in Processed Food? This article will point out all the dangerous, and health-robbing Additives that Food Manufacturers add to their "Processed Foods" to not only make it taste really good but can actually cause Chronic Disease and Food Allergies, and can addict you to their products.

Poison Food Additives
Copyright © 2007 Claire Poulton

Salt - Sugar Connection

This short article will explain why "Table Salt" not only raises blood pressure and causes water retention (edema), but will create excessive cravings for sugar.

The Salt/Sugar Connection
Copyright © 2007 Claire Poulton

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