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table salt usually refers to sodium chloride, a highly refined and heavily processed substance

Medical literature is filled with evidence of the harmful effects that result from the over consumption of this product. Chemical additives that make table salt free flowing, sparkling white and iodized further increase the potential for harmful effects from this type of salt.

In its natural form, salt is not sparkling white or free flowing. Salt that is unrefined has a pinkish or grayish tint because the minerals have not been removed. As it turns out, refined salt is produced primarily for the chemical industry, as sodium chloride is a necessary ingredient for the processing of many chemicals.

Only 4% of the refined salt produced is diverted to the food industry. It is made for the chemical industry - NOT people!

Table salt can cause the body to retain water, which can cause swelling, edema, and cellulite. 1 ounce of ingested salt holds 3 quarts of water or 6 pounds of excess bodily water and fluids. Table salt also comes with additives such as aluminum hydroxide, sodium ferro cyanide, calcium phosphate, stearic acid and others. Some of these can be toxic.

When ingested the body recognizes table salt as a poison and accumulates water in and around the cells to protect them from this invading substance. This is the swelling and bloating associated with refined table salt. This makes the body work more on eliminating rather than living and maintaining! Miracle Krystal Salt ™ is a nutrient source so it can be taken into the cell and used.

The Connection Between Table Salt (NaCl) And Sugar Cravings

Once refined, table salt is energetically dead and the body needs to use its own life force to somehow assimilate this substance. Energetically, dead sodium is abundant around cancer cells.

Refined Table Salt is also inferior for building stable bones (one third of the sodium in the human body is stored in the bones). Refined salt is extremely yang or rigidifying and structuring according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, which leads to stiffening joints and blood vessels.

Sugar and alcohol are extremely yin or energetically softening.

If we regularly consume table salt, cravings for sugar and/or alcohol are amplified

"I have personally witnessed how replacing table salt with Krystal Salt has helped many people overcome sugar cravings and binge eating of sweets." - Christian Opitz.

Who is Christian Opitz

Christian Opitz was born in Berlin, Germany in 1970. At age five, his IQ was found to be one of the highest ever measured.

At age seven, he began to study physics and biochemistry. In 1983, he was diagnosed with a disease doctor's labeled incurable, which compelled him to direct his focus on holistic healing.

Over the next six years, Christian Opitz developed a new integrative theory of health based on quantum physics and fractal mathematics. In 1989, (at the age of 19) he began a successful career as an author, lecturer, and inventor of health products.

He has since developed a ground breaking new approach called "Original radiance Health Systems", which integrates live food nutrition, whole brain functioning and depth psychology.

Christian Opitz is on Board of the Directors of "Project Theo humanity", which provides new, mature paradigm of emotional healing and spiritual enfoldment and is also involved in various environmental projects.

Depending on where the salt came from and how it was produced, it would vary in color, taste and cleanliness.

It started with the Industrial Revolution, when certain industrialists learned how to chemically clean and purge salt at very high temperatures. This removed the important minerals that were considered impurities, yielding a pure white sodium chloride.

  • People loved it because it was sparkling clean and white
  • With the addition of a few other chemicals (aluminum hydroxide) to prevent caking, it would pour easily
  • This "pure" sodium chloride no longer has the mineralizing and balancing effects of natural salt
  • Medical literature abounds with evidence of the harmful effects that result from over consumption of this refined salt

Get refined sodium chloride (table salt) out of your life. Embrace the ionic mineralization of up to 84 minerals in the crystal power matrix of Miracle Krystal Salt ™ and put an end to sugar cravings once and for all.

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Benefits of Switching to Krystal Salt

  • Radiation can be neutralized
  • Capillaries can become more elastic which increases blood flow
  • Extra electrons can be added to the body, which are super antioxidant, free radical scavengers
  • The entire spectrum of electrolytes that the body needs can be received
  • Uric acid can be detoxified from sodium chloride intake
  • Possible increase of elimination of heavy metals through the stool may occur
  • Cravings for sweets can be reduced

Refined Table Salt in Processed Food

Substituting Krystal Salt for regular table salt, is something you can control right at home. Using Krystal Salt for all your cooking and baking will reduce your intake of Sodium Chloride. But, what about processed pre-packaged "Food"?

Many people are diligently reading product labels to identify the Sodium content in the package, can, or container. All processed food is heavily laden with Sodium Chloride to "Enhance the Taste" of the usually tasteless product.

READ LABELS - You will be amazed at the level of Sodium in pre-packaged food products. The ideal method of providing your family with healthy meals, is to cook from scratch with your own fresh vegetables, fruits and organically grown spices. If you think this is more expensive and more time-consuming, it isn't.

One day of meal preparation per week, all shared by family members, not only provides food that you KNOW is healthy, but gives families a chance to contribute positively and beneficially.

As far as the expense is concerned, consider the weight per pound of these pre-packaged meals. The cost per pound is astronomical (using something totally nutritionally worthless such as Potato Chips, as an example). How about the money saved on antacids, pain relievers, diuretics, and other harmful costly Over the Counter and Prescription Drugs, that are required when you eat food that has too much Sodium and other Chemical Additives.

Hint of the Day....

Toss out your microwave if you want nutrition from your food. Micro waving destroys 98% of the nutrients in food.

"Salt is indeed the foundation of life, so the quality of the salt we use determines the nature of that foundation for our own lives. If we use the highest quality of salt, all other steps we take for greater health and well being are based on a solid foundation and can thus unfold their fullest benefits." - Christian Opitz

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