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Richard Hackworth is an author, entrepreneur, and educator whose perspectives on money and how to create wealth fly in the face of conventional wisdom. His personal rags to riches story is inspiring and his advice comes from real world experience. Not the economic theory and conjecture so often found in other programs.

In arguing that "old" advice -- get a good job, work hard, save money, get out of debt, and invest for the long term -- is obsolete and flawed, he has earned a reputation for straight talk, irreverence, and courage. Having lost everything he had, leaving him flat broke and homeless twice in his lifetime gave him the inner strength and wisdom to get himself in order and skyrocket to success. Using the 12 money secrets outlined in The Minimum Wage To Millionaire Course he has accumulated over 11 million dollars in assets in just 3 years, while working a near minimum wage job.

Richard Hackworth's Bestselling Courses Include:

  • The Minimum Wage To Millionaire Course: The working class guide to financial freedom
  • The Age Reversing Secrets to Looking Younger and Living Longer Course
  • The Love Your Body Diet Course: 8 Celebrity Secrets To Rapid Weight Loss
  • T.U.F.F. PROGRAM: The Ultimate Fat Fighting Course
  • The Ancient Art of Herbal Medicine Course

The Minimum Wage To Millionaire Course has been a best seller in the area of self-improvement for more than 2 years now and is rapidly moving up the rankings on The Online Bestsellers List and was nominated for USA Today's #1 Money Book for 2006.

If you are looking for advice on health, wealth, and success, the Richard Hackworth is the #1 undisputable choice for life changing programs.

Prior to writing his best selling books, Richard Hackworth founded an international education company in 1993 that specialized in fitness and self defense training. He then became the co-founder of the Small Business Consulting Group that taught business marketing and investing to tens of thousands of small business owners throughout the world. He now operates one of the most successful online businesses in the world from his beautiful home in Florida.

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