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Hello, My name is Richard Hackworth. I would like to personally thank you for coming to my Politically Incorrect No "B.S." Health, Wealth and Success website.

As you move around the site you'll quickly discover why my products are the best in the world for helping you get in super hero shape FAST, physically, mentally, and financially.

You'll understand why the "average" man or woman benefits so much from my health, wealth, and success training.

And you'll see why The Minimum Wage To Millionaire Course has become my #1 best seller online for more than two years now.

In fact, The Minimum Wage To Millionaire Power Course Members programs are changing lives for the better in 22 countries worldwide ... and counting.

  • Get into the best shape of your life physically, mentally, and financially.
  • Get motivated and achieve your personal health, financial, and relationships goals.
  • Move to a whole new level of health, wealth and success.

It's all here for you - and I look forward to serving you. In fact, to help you get rolling, I'm prepared to give you over $250 worth of my international best selling products absolutely FREE as a bonus when you purchase any product!

I have helped countless people, just like you, build the career of their dreams with my programs.

Here at the Richard Hackworth Organization we are dedicated to teaching you how to maximize your personal performance. When you maximize your personal performance you maximize your career and your life!

If you are reading this site, and you are at one of the lowest points in your life, physically, spiritually, and financially, I have some great news for you. Life runs in cycles with high points, and as you well know, some low points too. If this is one of those times in life where you have reached a personal low point then today is the best day to start with one of my dynamic life changing programs.

All of the successful leaders in any field of endeavor, had to overcome some huge personal and financial disaster to become successful. That is exactly what happened to me. That is how this system of life changing programs became possible.

I had lived a Rock Star's lifestyle as a Pro Wrestler on TV and traveled the world. I spent my money like it would never end. Then, one day my contract was expiring and I was not going to be re-signed.

I suddenly went from making over $4,000 a week, to making ZERO dollars a week.

A few major life changes happened and then I opened my own business.

During my time in Japan and Korea I became an expert martial artist. So I opened a business teaching self defense to children and families and became the #1 school.

Suddenly, I was on top of the world and wealthy for the second time in my life.

I received an award in 1996 for being the first school in our association to make over $1 million a year. I was asked to teach other instructors how to do it. And I did seminars traveling the world. I visited 11 countries in a 7 year period. I was making bucket loads of money and my wife was a happy shopper.

Literally, everyday I would come home at night from my business and see QVC boxes laying on the kitchen table and my wife could not wait to show me what wonderful things she got and even told me how much money she saved me by buying it from TV.

Then it happened again.

My whole career and financial status suddenly crashed.

In 2003, I suffered through 4 major hurricanes that destroyed my home, my business and my marriage. The hurricanes washed away the road leading to my home that went between the two lakes near my house. So I was stranded at home without electricity for more than four months. No way to cook, no water.

My wife and I began gathering rain water to bath and cook with. We used up all the meat that we had and we began eating canned foods. Cooking over a fire using wood that we gathered and dried in the house so that when it wasn't raining we could cook outside. We would walk through the woods and swamp to get to a main road where we could go to a local convenience store and buy some canned goods to take home for food.

The road was finally repaired but the damage done to our house and property was horrible. What our insurance company paid was $30,000 short of what it cost to make the repairs. By the time we were done repairing the home we were nearly $100,000 in debt and had not made any money in over 4 months because our business was destroyed by the hurricanes.

My wife and I were too stressed out to continue our relationship.

She put the house up for sale and me out into the streets.

I was homeless, hungry and living in a car. On nights that I could not sleep on a friend's sofa or even on the floor I slept in my car.

Just 3 years later I have completely paid off a beautiful lake front home and two new cars. How did I do it?

I learned how to maximize my personal performance.

Wishing you the best in Health, Wealth, and Success,

Richard Hackworth

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